Everyone has a story to tell. 

And telling your own story can feel overwhelming.

That's where we come in.

At Anecdotia, we're experts at distilling large amounts of information into highly engaging visual stories that will help you connect with your customer, build trust and grow your business.

Here's how we do it!


We take your stories and shape compelling narratives.


We capture the best visuals. Identify/interview the right characters.


Then we put it all together.


The best part?

you'll get it on-time and on budget.







bundle a: 10 stories

Research shows that most people will only watch up to 3 minutes of a video.

It's the reason why every network and local news program packages their stories in 2 to 3 minutes segments.

That's why we created this bundle. You will get 10, highly produced, 2 - 3 minute stories, that pack a punch.

bundle b: 5 stories

In this package, you will get 5 videos at 2-3 minutes a piece.

Each video, will be expertly produced, shot, and edited.

bundle c: 1 story





Snackables are shorter, one minute videos.

Clients often add-on a snackables package if they want a trailer for their longer form stories, or videos about a program/product/service.

The sky's the limit with what kind of snackable content we can create. 


documentary package

This package, is for the client who wants to tell a bigger story.

It could be about the origins of Mt. Hood. Or, a story about inequity.

What about the history of your company?

Stories to show in your local theater, submit to film festivals, or pitch to Netflix.

We offer the whole package. From producing, to filming, to editing. Tell us your vision. We'll make it happen. 


media consulting/COACHING package

With over 11 years of experience in international, national, and local TV Journalism, we can help you navigate the rapidly evolving media landscape.

We will teach you how to prepare for interviews and communicate effectively.


Customized package

Had something else in mind?

Tell us about it!



what we do.

Tell really good stories.

I’m totally blown away by what Anecdotia put together.
— Kris Jones, Red Door Designs


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